Mercedes Benz GLA250 review

I’ve been through most of this before with the Mercedes GLA200, concluding that it’s not really the “off road” image that appeals to buyers of this car, especially since the GLA200 is front wheel drive only. But now here’s the GLA250, with a 2.0 litre turbocharged engine, 155kW/300Nm and four wheel drive, so is it any more suited to going off road? In a word, no, of course not.

This is really a high riding hatchback designed to attract buyers who want a comfortable seating position, a moderately elevated view of the road and only possibly the self esteem boosting “off-road” image. Almost everything in my previous article applies here, including the extremely good looking dashboard, the not-so-great display screen, and the exterior styling that really does make the car stand out. For video of me driving the GLA, go here

Performance wise it’s all turned up of course, with the extra power gGLA1_rearoing to extra wheels and making the car go extra fast. Unlike the engine in the Mercedes CLA (essentially the same 2.0 litre with identical power and torque outputs), the one in the GLA250 is refined, subdued and doesn’t make any of the racy sounds the CLA makes, which I suppose is in keeping with its character. Mercedes quotes a 0-100km/h time of 7.1 seconds which is believable, and very good for a mid sized hatchback.

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