2018 Ford Ranger Raptor – end of year wrap-up review

The Australasian version of the Ford Raptor may have a diesel engine rather than a V8 and be based on the Ranger rather than the F-150 but it’s still something really special.

For a start, the 2.0-litre four cylinder diesel engine produces a massive 500Nm of toque, which means a wave of acceleration whenever you need it.

Then there’s the suspension, which is the real appeal to the Ranger Raptor. It’s designed for jumping over the sort of bumps you would normally find on a ski jump. But let’s be honest, very few owners are ever going to attempt that. And that doesn’t matter, as the suspension gives the Ranger Raptor a flowing ride quality and almost total isolation from road noise, making it a surprisingly good long distance cruiser.

Of course you also get the wide wheel arches and huge off road tow hooks that make the Ranger Raptor look like a rally truck. It’s good that the Ranger Raptor stands out from a standard Ranger as it’s priced at NZ$84,990. You could have a Ford Mustang GT for NZ$4,000 less…

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