2018 Volkswagen e-Golf, end of year wrap-up

The Volkswagen e-Golf is one of those electric vehicles that aims to mimic as close as possible the petrol driven equivalent. It doesn’t look notably futuristic and all the controls, including the gear lever are pretty much the same in the e-Golf as the standard Golf.

Volkswagen claims a 220km real world range for the e-Golf, and that’s true to a point. Try to drive at the speed limit on the open road and the range falls massively. There’s a lot of wind resistance at 100km/h and that’s why I found myself trying to drive at 60km/h during a busy holiday weekend. I made it to my destination 197km away with only a few kilometres left on the battery. Then again, I probably shouldn’t have done that overtaking manoeuvre that lost 17km in range in one go…

Anyway, the e-Golf is easy to live with as it is essentially still a VW Golf, with all the same qualities.

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