2018 end of year wrap up, Mazda6 Takami sedan review

Remember the Mazda6 MPS? Back in 2006 Mazda launched an all-wheel-drive turbocharged version of the newly launched Mazda6 to prove that it still had what it took to make a performance car.

It’s taken until now for Mazda to returned turbopcharging to the Mazda6, with the launch of the Takami sedan. Takami is the new nameplate for high performance Mazda’s so look forward to more quick Mazda models.

The 2.5 litre V6 engine produces 170kW and 420Nm of torque running through a six-speed automatic transmission, but here’s the catch – the Takami is front wheel drive. Back when the MPS was launched you couldn’t put that much torque through a front wheel drive platform without creating a car that would torque steer even when it’s parked.

But the Takami dosen’t torque steer, no matter how hard you stand on the throttle. The only sign that you’re reaching the limits of traction is that one tyre will reach it’s limit of grip and just spin away the extra power until the traction control winds the power back in.

The rest of the car is pure Mazda6, which means great road manners, decent buikld quality and extremely good looks.

But why oh why is this powertrain limited to the Mazda6 sedan and not the wagon?

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