2019 Mitsubishi Triton road test

The Mitsubishi Triton ute has always languished behind the leaders in the ute market and some of that must have been due to the vehicle looking like a surprised fish.

Mitsubishi has concentrated on that for the latest update to the Triton, attempting to make it look more like a ‘typical’ masculine styled ute. That’s all fine, but the front end of the ute looks overly complicated with so many new additions to the nose. It seems that Mitsubishi designers took every design feature on the front of each Mitsubishi vehicle, loaded them all into a large shotgun and fired it at a clay styling model of the new ute. Anything that stuck in the clay was retained.

But the Triton does look more square edged than before, and that should work with the market. The updated vehicle looks bigger in every dimension but that’s all down to the styling.

The Triton may have always been playing second, third, fourth and sometimes fifth fiddle to the class leaders in the ute market but it has always majored in a softer and more comfortable ride than any of the others. That’s true of this update, which rides better than the class leader Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux (at the time of writing the Triton had overtaken the Holden Colorado).

The engine is retained from before, being a 2.4-litre turbodiesel producing 135kW and 437Nm. It’s not the most powerful diesel in the market but the torque is well up there.

Like other top end utes the Triton VRX comes with a 360 degree camera to help with manouvering in tight spots but the view on the screen is too small to accurately see what you’re near.

Then VRX has vents in the ceiling of the cab to send air to the rear of the cab. It’s not a traditional vent, but rather there’s a fan in the ceiling that sucks air in from above the front seat passengers and diverts it to the rear.

Unlike the other 4WD utes on sale today you can put the Triton’s drivetrain into four-wheel-drive on the road which is a plus that many people may not realise, as they assume that all 4WD utes have four-wheel-drive on road.

There’s reasonable room in the back although not up to the standard of the Ford Ranger. The front seats are wide and comfortable and are the most car-like of any utes on sale.

The Triton is a ute that many people have ignored, concentrating on the Ford/Toyota/Holden trifecta, but now the Triton has a new look it may well garner more attention in the future.

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